QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

What is QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool?

To solve problems that are related to an assortment of issues on multiple networks or corruption of company files QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool comes in handy. As the name suggests it looks at and then fixes the connection problems between QuickBooks software and the computer system. 

image of connection Diagnosis tool

Why QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is Important

Anyone who’s a user of QuickBooks knows that when an error occurs it can cause a lot of hurdles in task processing. It is important to resolve the issues to prevent inhibiting productivity. QuickBooks Connection Tool is essential to troubleshoot errors and reduce the time spent solving errors. 

There are types of errors that QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can resolve like H-series errors and 6000-series errors. 

QuickBooks H-series errors:

Errors that are related to multi-users are called H-series errors. In these types of errors, users are unable to switch the mode to multiple users as well as workstations are unable to connect with the server.

QuickBooks 6000-series errors:

Unexpected errors are usually considered 6000-series errors. These errors could be related to external storage devices. Company files do not have correct folder permissions.

Sometimes files get corrupted and connection drops between the desktop and QuickBooks at the same time, and it gets very difficult to detect the problem. Connection Diagnostic Tool helps to configure the connection and stops the files from getting affected. 

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool System Requirements

To have QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool in your system you need Microsoft Windows 7 or higher. More importantly, QuickBooks 2008 or higher. If you have QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 8.0 or the latest version you can easily run this tool. 

What’s the Right Time To Run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

The right time and right solution can always save you from difficult situations. There are a few problems that are needed to be catered to earlier. Following are the situations when you need to run QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool:

  • When you get an error related to the database, it is the right time for you to run QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool.
  • Windows firewall can also cause trouble in maintaining the connection between the desktop and QuickBooks as well as it can hinder the functionality of QuickBooks.
  • Sometimes, errors do not allow you to access company files or you may find damaged/corrupted QuickBooks Files then it is best to run the Connection Diagnostic Tool QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool can also help to fix errors related to empty lists. 
  • Since entries are managed manually there are chances that employees can make wrong entries or multiple entries. This tool can fix that too.
  • A virus can be eliminated using this tool.
  • Errors like H-series errors or 6000-series can also be fixed through it.

Steps to Install QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool:

Installing QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool is not difficult. You need to follow the following steps:

  • Easily Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Download is possible through the official website and remember the location where the download has been saved.
  • On your computer go to Control Panel after this go to programs and look for the QuickBooks Network Connection Diagnostic Tool if it already exists in your system then you need to uninstall it and then again install the new version. It is important to keep the check if you have one version or two as it can create other connectivity problems and the tool will not run smoothly. 
  • Go to downloads/location where you have downloaded the file and double-click it.
  • You’ll see a window that has options like Setup click on that option. Installation of the QuickBooks diagnostic tool will start.
  • Follow other instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once the installation of the tool is completed the tool will automatically start to run. 


quickbooks connection diagnostic tool 

quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

quickbooks connection diagnostic tool

Guidelines To Use QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool:

  • Open the tool on your desktop 
  • Run the troubleshooting on the available company files/ select the file that you want to diagnose. 
  • Since QuickBooks Database is used for managing multiple users. It is important to check the connectivity of network. 
  • After all of the above steps run diagnostics and allow this tool to repair problems. 
  • There’s a possibility that you can encounter network-related issues other than file problems and for that, you need to go to the Utility menu of the QuickBooks Company file and select Repair and Network Problems. 
  • Click on the option yes to accept the information appearing on the screen for running the diagnosis. 
  • Click on the damaged file and mark Show Advanced Settings on the window. 
  • A list will appear in front of you. 
  • Select the option from the list of problems that you are facing. It will help the diagnostic tool to run better. 
  • Logged in to your credentials to run the process.
  • After the repair and diagnosis have been done, restart QuickBooks.
  • If the error doesn’t allow you to access company files then run this diagnostic tool.

While using QuickBooks Diagnostic Tools, It is important to keep in mind the nature of the problem. Since issues related to connectivity have a separate process to repair company files it is different. Identification of the problem is the first step. It can also solve problems related to .NET Framework, MSXML, and C++.

Run the diagnosis timely or keep a check on files so that you do not have to face huge problems that may result in hiring extensive technical expertise. 

Advantages of QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool:

  • Saves time and extra cost.
  • You don’t have to call for extra help or wait for the response to emails. 


QuickBooks connection Diagnostic Tool is one of a kind. Whether it is about finding errors in company files or solving a network connectivity issue this one saves time and is cost-effective. Moreover, a Firewall can block QuickBooks to run efficiently. With this tool, errors related to the windows firewall can also be resolved. 

Many times, it happens that issues related to a common network arise which can affect the functionality or networks could stop working abruptly then this tool comes in handy. It doesn’t matter if there are multiple users or there’s only a single user on a network, this tool is known to resolve all sorts of errors. Even if following all the steps doesn’t help you fix the issue feel free to contact QuickBooks Support Team.