Refund Policy 

We at QB Support are quite proud of the superior level of QuickBooks technical support that we are able to provide to our valued clients. On the other hand, we have the following refund policy in place in the event that you are dissatisfied with the level of service we provide for any reason.

Refunds of a service plan are processed by QB Support for the purpose of providing technical assistance by QB Support or any other contracted third party or parties. Contacting our customer care line within the first thirty days after purchasing the service plan is required for any and all refunds to be processed. Your sole exclusive option after QB Support has determined that your item was returned in a timely fashion will be a partial or full refund in the payment made for the service plan. This shall remain your sole and exclusive remedy.

When processing refunds, we will utilize the same mode of payment that was employed during the original transaction (i.e., making the purchase). Please note that it may take anywhere from three to seven business days for the credit to appear in your account.

Please take notice that there will be no room for returns in the following circumstances:

  • The client just acquired a new computer or gadget, which necessitates extra assistance that was not part of the initial service contract.
  • The client has caused serious damage to the hardware or software, which necessitates extra assistance that was not included in the range of the first service plan.
  • The client’s actions have been inconsistent with the terms and conditions of our service contract in any way.

Any refund request which fails to adhere to our refund policy or is in violation of our service contract will be denied by QB Support. We retain the right to do so. You need not be reluctant to get in touch with us at the contact email or phone number listed on our website should you have any inquiries or issues about the terms of our refund policy. Our employees that are devoted to providing outstanding client service, will gladly help you.

FAQs About Our Refund Policy

When it comes to processing a refund, how long does it typically take?

A: When it has been verified by QB Support that your product was sent back within the allotted time frame, the processing of your refund might take anywhere from XX to XX business days.

What happens if a client decides to terminate their service package in the middle of their contract term?

A: In the event that a client cancels a service package during its term, QB Support will give a refund that is proportional to the amount of the service package that was not utilised.

What payment methods are accepted for refunds?

A: Refunds are processed via QB Support using the same mode of payment that was used during the initial transaction. If the initial method of payment is no longer available, you may request a refund from QB Support to be sent as a check or via one of the other accessible payment methods.

Are there any additional costs or fees related with the processing of refunds?

A: Requests for refunds are not subject to any kind of fee or penalty from the QB Support team. Nevertheless, some payment systems or banking firms may assess processing fees or currency exchange costs for refunds that are provided in a currency that is distinct from the one in which the initial transaction was made. Any and all of these costs are the responsibility of the customer.

When the 30-day deadline has expired, is it still possible for me to get a refund?

A: When the first 30-day window for processing refunds has gone, QB Support does not, as a general rule, accept refunds for service packages. If, on the other hand, there are exceptional cases or if you have a good cause for seeking a late refund, you are more than welcome to get in touch with our customer care staff to explore the choices available to you.