QuickBooks File Doctor

What is QuickBooks File Doctor?

QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, all variants may run across problems. In that case, you should use QuickBooks File Doctor to fix any issues you’re having with the QuickBooks Desktop. A corrupt or damaged QuickBooks Company file is a common cause of problems for QuickBooks users. What can you do as a business owner to deal with such issues? The QB file doctor is the solution. QuickBooks has a free utility called “QuickBooks File Doctor” that may be used to fix a wide variety of QuickBooks Errors and Issues.

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QuickBooks File Doctor – An Overview 

You may get assistance diagnosing and mending corrupt QuickBooks Company files using the QB File Doctor. In addition, it helps fix QuickBooks network problems. This application is a straightforward replacement for two older diagnostic programs, and it may be used to repair a wide range of errors that arise in QuickBooks Company files and network connections. If you need help with QuickBooks, use the File Doctor first before contacting technical help.

How to Install QuickBooks File Doctor

Downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub provides access to the QB File Doctor, which can then be chosen from the available options. Note that QuickBooks 2016 and later versions come with the File Doctor preinstalled. An automatic installer is not available for older versions of QuickBooks, and you will have to set up and launch the program manually.

File Doctor Fixable Errors & Problems

QuickBooks File Doctor

Errors in the 6000 series, followed by two more digits, appear in QuickBooks whenever a Company file is being created, opened, or accessed.

  • QuickBooks Error -6150
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 -77
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 -82
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 -305
  • QuickBooks Error -6000 -301
  • QuickBooks Error -6147
  • QuickBooks Error -6130
  • Information about customers, suppliers, or staff that isn’t already in the company’s database

If you’re getting H-series problems in QuickBooks, it means the program is unable to connect to the server computer where the Company file is stored.

  • QuickBooks Error H101
  • QuickBooks Error H202
  • QuickBooks Error H303
  • QuickBooks Error H505

QB File Doctor’s Drawbacks

  1. First, you’ll need the correct user login credentials in order to run a scan on a Company files using file doctor.
  2. Intuit’s “file doctor” can’t repair files and documents larger than 2 gigabytes in size.
  3. QBFD requires the.NET Framework to be downloaded and executed.

Access QuickBooks File Doctor through Tool Hub

  1. The “Company File Issues” option may be found in the QuickBooks Tool Hub.
  2. Pick the option to “Start QuickBooks File Doctor.”
  3. Select the appropriate QuickBooks Company file in the File Doctor. You may utilize the “Browse” button to tell the app where the Company file is if you can’t remember its name.
  4. To proceed, please click “Continue.”
  5. Log in to QuickBooks using your user credentials, and then proceed.

Your Company file will be processed and checked for harm and networking difficulties. It takes 3-5 minutes, depending on the data size. Once the file doctor processes your Company File, relaunch QuickBooks and access it to check data consistency.

Step-by-Step Instructions how to use quickbooks file doctor

Refer to these instructions only for 2016 or above versions of QuickBooks.

  1. Launch QuickBooks and load your Company file.
  2. In order to launch the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, go to the File menu, then pick Utilities, and finally, Repair File.
  3. Take a look around the corporate records.
  4. If your Company File is having trouble, you may either fix file problems or network problems.
  5. After logging in as the QuickBooks Administrator, enter your password and continue.
  6. In order to access the Company file once the file doctor has processed it, you must restart QuickBooks.

What does QuickBooks file doctor do

1. QB File Doctor simplifies company network concerns.

2. The File Doctor Tool simplifies QuickBooks -6000 series problems.

3. The tool can also repair H505, H303, H202, and H101 issues.

4. The program can locate important Company files if you lose them.

5. This tool will also allow company staff access to workplace PC material.

6. It may also protect critical company data.

Variants of Installable QuickBooks File Doctor

You should know these points before using File Doctor:

First, you’ll need to get the program itself by downloading it. The next step is to download and install QB File Doctor.

There are several variants available:

  1. QuickBooks Built-in File Doctor is available in QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and later.
  2. File Doctor is used independently of QuickBooks. 

How Does QuickBooks File Doctor Work to Correct Network Issues?

Run Quickbooks Doctor File to fix the network problem. After running QuickBooks File Doctor, evaluate the findings in order to determine the solution. 

One of the findings is the “Hosting Mode is off” outcome. Turn on hosting when you reach this result. Once you have done so, you will be capable of accessing QuickBooks data via a network connection. 

QuickBooks Desktop relies on the following back-end systems to control user access to corporate data: 

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2018 relies on QuickBooks Database 28.
  • QuickBooks Database 29 is used by QuickBooks Desktop 2019.
  • QuickBooks Database 30 is used by QuickBooks Desktop 2020.

Result Possibilities

In addition to network problems, the following problems may also arise:

1. “QBFD did not identify a problem.”

If the tool fails to detect a problem, log in to your company file again. If the error persists, perform auto data recovery. Once done, fill in the transactions made since the last backup.

2. QBFD identifies the problem but cannot resolve it.

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery setup is advised if the program finds the issue but cannot cure it. This feature requires manual transaction entry. Use your last backup or uploaded file to do this.

How Do I Locate the Company File?

QuickBooks user credentials are required for access to the company file, and the person that logs in must be granted administrative privileges. This includes the freedom to read the file, open it, and even make changes to it.

QuickBooks Desktop and the Database Server

QuickBooks desktop conducts the following to choose which database server to connect to:

  • It begins the process of locating the .nd file. This document will be saved in the same folder as the Company’s main files. The former will end in .nd, while the latter will use .qbw. Using this folder, the program will get crucial data for connecting to the server, such as the port and source IP.
  • The program will determine whether the .qbw file is currently being used.
  • It makes an effort to contact the server. The file will be opened if this operation is successful.
  • In the event of failure, an error message will be shown along with the steps to resolve the errors.

How To Resolve Company File Problems?

When the utility cannot locate the file it looked for, it will display error codes. You can handle them as follows:

  1. Run “Quick Fix My File”

Visit the QuickBooks tool hub, and select “company file issues.” Then, click on the “Quick Fix My File” button. Doing so, the tool will device will fix the problem, and you will gain access to the Company document.

Nonetheless, if it still displays an error, do this:

  1. Run “QuickBooks File Doctor”
  • Run QuickBooks tool hub.
  • Choose “Company File Issues
  • Select “Run QuickBooks File Doctor” and wait for a few moments as the tool loads. 
  • In QBFD, find your Company file from the drop-down list of options or use the tee Browse alternative to find your desired file.
  • Click on “Check your file” and choose “Continue.”
  • Input the QuickBooks Admin password and click on “Next.”

As before, the system will keep scanning. Scan times vary with file size. Launch QuickBooks, and your Company file after the scan is done. Quite often, the website may claim it was unsuccessful, even though the problem has been resolved, in some cases users also reported quickbooks file doctor crashes or quickbooks file doctor not working, in such instances just close QB File Doctor and reopen it.

Be Sure To Have QuickBooks Backed Up

It is recommended that you create a backup of your Company file before using the program to correct it. For the tool’s sake, always update it so that it can function at its best. 

Those working with QuickBooks Desktop may access the manual through the program’s Help option. Select Update QuickBooks Desktop after that. The application will indicate that it is current if and only if it has been upgraded. 

In any other case, please implement the upgrade. Maintaining a frequent updating schedule is recommended. Constantly checking and resetting the date is also essential. Once you do so, the utility will detect and fix problems across your networks and your data files.


We have illuminated the problems that may be fixed by using the QB file doctor. The reason for this is that the tool is capable of accurately identifying problems while also providing adequate solutions to such problems. Due to the dependability of this product, it is now used in the day-to-day activities of a lot of different companies. Not just this product but also the company that created this tool, QB, provides many more products that make routine activities for companies much simpler and less time-consuming.


QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks File Doctor is a diagnostic tool provided by Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks accounting software. It is designed to help users resolve common data file issues, networking problems, and other errors that can occur when using QuickBooks.

Price: Free

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Windows 10 and Windows 11

Application Category: Company File Repair Software

Editor's Rating:


  • Network connectivity issues: If you are experiencing problems accessing a QuickBooks file over a network or are unable to open a company file, File Doctor can help diagnose and repair network-related issues.
  • Damaged company files: When your QuickBooks company file (.qbw) is damaged or corrupted, File Doctor attempts to repair the file so that you can access your data again.


  • Can not process files over 1.5 GB.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor is not a guaranteed solution for all Quickbooks Issues.