Featured Image of Informative Details on QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2024

Informative Details on QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2024

In this blog we talk about QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2024. Intuit goes beyond the office setup businesses to challenging outdoor fieldwork. The Company is quite considerate of creating a QuickBooks version that caters to different jobs outside the office. The QuickBooks Premier Contractor is an incredible innovation that suits multiple users in various fields.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2024 is an upgraded version that covers vast financial services. Its construction is specified and holds exclusive features and functionalities. QuickBooks Desktop Premier Users can enjoy incredible services related to the construction business. Companies can plan and manage all the construction accounting details through a modified safe QuickBooks premier contractor platform.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor edition

The premier Contractor version comes in one package, with businesses or individual users subscribing annually. The package provides users with different significant services such as:

  • Online backup services 
  • Updated features 
  • Reliable customer support.

The Contractor feature is available under the package. To enjoy comprehensive contractor services, one must download the QB Premier Contractor Edition during the software download process. QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2024 holds major construction features that help in calculating and tracking job-specific costs, professional quotes, and more. QuickBooks users can also experience all the QB premier advance details under the same package.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition is best suited for 

Though a comprehensive software, QuickBooks Premier Contractor system has specified users who can leap the best version. Eligible users for the contractor software are:

Business contractors who have a separate record of job cost on their accounting system

A contractor keeping track of their work and cost on Excel can use the QuickBooks contractor to save and align the financial details with leading accounting and bookkeeping business records. 

Businesses with multiple crews

Suppose a contractor has a different construction business set; it becomes challenging to supervise and manage all the crews. However, with the QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2024. It’s easier to keep better records of the projects.

Users seeking to save on funds

Construction businesses or related jobs tend to lose money through over-purchased materials. The QuickBooks Premier contractor helps users plan on the critical and exact materials. It also allows the manager to track the excess products and reuse them in other projects.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor is not best for 

There are various limitations on QuickBooks Desktop’s premier version, which makes constructor software irrelevant to the service.

Cloud account services

QuickBooks Desktop versions are on-premises systems and might access the cloud account services. It takes time to get instant invoices from remote users. One should incorporate an online version to perform the tasks and get the privilege.

Under-skilled QuickBooks bookkeepers

QuickBooks software is easy to handle regardless of the accounting level. However, a bookkeeping team experienced in office financial services might need help tackling the construction-related details. Businesses need to train or seek trained accounting teams to ensure smooth recording.

Cannot accommodate more than five users 

The vast construction industry requires multiple uses to help plan and manage the business. However, QuickBook’s premier contractor is designed for five users only, making it challenging to invite more users.

Unique features and benefits of QuickBooks Premier Contractor edition

The QuickBooks Premier Contractor edition is defined by multiple features and benefits as follows:

Job Estimate 

The QuickBooks contractor has a feature allowing users to estimate the number of jobs distributed among customers. It’s a great way to understand financial details like budgets and invoices.

Easy editing on estimate order

QB contractor users can require users within the estate orders. Businesses or contractors can easily send changes to clients efficiently through the software.

Quick purchase orders

Businesses and individual users can easily create a purchase order from the estimate screen. The orders help the manager and respective teams to remember all orders and materials. One can also use QuickBooks Contractor to get purchase orders and identify the supplies.

Help in creating invoices.

Image of Help in creating invoices.

QuickBooks Premier Contractor 2024 provides options for invoices. The user can avail of an in-progress invoice by estimating each item’s bill percentage. Billing particular products and leaving out different items based on availability is also possible.

Employee time and service item

QuickBooks Premier Contractor edition 2024 helps users to estimate every employee’s pay for particular work. They can also attach the service item for every job. This helps QuickBooks generate payroll taxes and payments for each employee.

Available reports under the QuickBooks Contractor

QuickBooks software comes with multiple reports to assist in managing different accounting data. The QuickBooks Contractor also holds various reports designed for construction jobs.

The job profitability report

The report gives insight into the revenue and cost of the specific job. The section provides a compiled report of the income and expenses of tasks per each project’s service item.

A job estimate and actual report

It’s easy for businesses to compare revenue and expenses to the estimates. This can be done through summarized tasks or different service items from a particular job.

The estimate vs job progress invoices

Image of The estimate vs job progress invoices

The estimate vs. job progress invoice report is designed to help in comparing the number of progress invoices to jobs that have yet to be accounted for or invoiced.

Item profitability 

The item profitability is the actual report that displays the revenue and expense of every item in all jobs. Here, businesses can learn about profitable items and less profitable items.

Reports of unpaid bills

Businesses can get a report of all outstanding bills from the job.

Expenses not assigned to the jobs report.

Organizations can trace the list of costs that should be verified to avoid materials that have charges that can be invoiced.


QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2024 is advanced as it allows construction businesses to compile, track, manage, and plan their finances in a single platform. It’s a robust software that helps include different industries considered outdoor services. Businesses can trace their profits regardless of the number of contracts they run. 

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