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How to Create or Add Another Company to QuickBooks Online in 2023?

QuickBooks is a renowned name in the world of accounts and finances. This is a quintessential software used globally by small-scale to large-scale businesses for effectively managing their accounts. Moreover, in today’s bustling era, every individual or organization is engaged in making their operations more streamlined. In such circumstances, it becomes vital for users to employ QuickBooks Software.

A question that often bothers users is, How to add company to QuickBooks online. If yes, then how? Through this article, we aim to inform QuickBooks users of how numerous reports can be added to one account in QuickBooks, along with certain other essentials that need to be considered.


How to Have Multiple Companies in QuickBooks?

Multiple Companies in QuickBooks.

Users engaged with numerous businesses can easily add multiple company accounts to QuickBooks Online without subscribing to another license. To ensure that the taxes are documented accurately, the users can add more than one company with distinctive Employer Identification Numbers.

Though QuickBooks provides the facility of Multiple Company File Access, the users must subscribe to multiple QuickBooks accounts first to access those businesses effectively.

Why Do You Need to Add Another Company Account to QuickBooks Online?

As discussed previously, adding multiple accounts becomes mandatory for the users if they are engaged with numerous businesses because logging out from one account and logging in to another account becomes frustrating and aggravating for the individuals in the long run. As a result, the users look for other ways to prevent this issue of constantly logging in and out.

This is where QuickBooks comes into play; this software aids users in adding multiple companies accounts to one QuickBooks Account so that they can manage various businesses easily without any hassle.

How to Add Company to QuickBooks Online?

Whenever users log in to their QuickBooks desktop, a question appears: “Which file are you willing to go with?” Whereas, If you are willing to switch between multiple companies or accounts, follow the instructions given below:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Switch The Company.

how to add another company to quickbooks online

In addition to this, the users can provide access to the company files to other teammates if they wish to do so. If the users have linked their bank account or credit card to any company files, they must individually add it to every account to connect it with other accounts.

How to Add or Create Another Company File to QuickBooks Online?

Such a process can only be performed when the users must have at least more than one account. The following are some of the methods that the users must consider when adding or creating another company file to QuickBooks online.

 Method 1: Shift All Company Files Under One Login ID

As the users employ multiple Email IDs to access multiple accounts at once, in such cases, the users can opt for one specific email that would control all the other files as well. Listed below are specific points that the users need to consider:

  • Send an Invite 

Instead of using multiple emails to access company files, users may opt for one primary ID that would control all accounts.

  1. Access any company file using an alternative email address of your choice.
  2.  Send a proposal to the company file accessed using the primary email.
  3. Select the user type accordingly.
  4. Tap the Admin option to make it the primary ID for accessing all the other files.
  5. Launch your primary email.
  6. Select the link for making the proposal.
  7. Your non-primary ID will permit you to access the files using the primary ID.

Once you complete all the aforementioned steps, you can easily access the company files using your primary ID, and for convenience, you may also remove the other IDs as well.

Method 2: Add Other Company

This method is often used when the users already have one account, but to access multiple accounts, the users have to subscribe to another company.

  1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop.
  2. Click on Subscription.
  3. After this, you’ll get two options.

Condition 1- If you have already logged into QuickBooks.

Have you already logged into QuickBooks? The following are some of the points that you must consider.

  • Verify the account you are willing to work with.
  • Tap on yes if you want to go with the same account to access other files as well.

Condition 2- If you have not logged into QuickBooks, remember to create an account with QuickBooks.

  • Click on the Add the Company tab.
  • Select the link to log in.
  • Type the password and username that have already been used for QuickBooks.

4. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

  1. The new account will be added to the primary account.

Steps To Add Another Account To QuickBooks

The users are instructed to adhere to the instructions listed below for adding a new company to QuickBooks Online quickly so that they can manage the other businesses as well attentively without any burden:

  • Open your QuickBooks Desktop and tap on the files tab.
  • Click on the New Company option.
  • Please input the new entity’s name and provide additional information, such as contact details and company addresses.
  • Replicate the same procedure to add other companies as well.

Step to add another accounts in QuickBooks Software


After going through this article, we assume that QuickBooks users can easily add another account to QuickBooks Online to manage their other businesses effectively. If they still encounter any error or technical glitch while adding the account to their QuickBooks, you can also get support by visiting their website. The experts will instruct the users to add another account to QuickBooks Online through a phone call. Moreover, the professionals at QuickBooks are available 24*7 to assist the users with the best. So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us today to avail the best services.

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