How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer

How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer

We all agree it’s a good and fantastic feeling to switch QuickBooks software from an old computer to a new one. The excitement that comes with learning new features is overwhelming. However, the shift brings about data transfer, backup up, and sometimes losing data. Device users must incorporate gadgets such as flash disks, advanced software, or cables to successfully transfer data. The migration process is tasking, especially when shifting sensitive data like QuickBooks financial details, company data, etc. This article will help you learn How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer without any data loss.

How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer


Most businesses use the incredible QuickBooks software for their bookkeeping and accounting services. The transfer means moving vast amounts of data across different platforms. Though one may opt to install a new QuickBooks application, it might not provide all the details contained in the old app. However, the lingering question for many users is how to transfer QuickBooks desktop to a new computer.

QuickBooks and QuickBooks tools

QuickBooks is an exclusive financial software established by Intuit to help businesses with accounting services. It’s a suitable tool for small and medium businesses. QuickBooks provides solutions through advanced features. Each feature comes with unique benefits for the business.

Intuit goes beyond the accounting software and provides more tools like the QuickBooks migrator. It’s a unique, simple tool that helps move data from one computer to another. This answers the concern of transferring QuickBooks data to a new Computer. The tools help upgrade your device or shift to a new one without worrying about losing data. However, one cannot transfer bulk data since the migrator has a limit of particular files per move.


Possible fears of transferring QuickBooks to new Computer

With most fears portrayed as questions, many users ask how to transfer QuickBooks to new Computer Or How to transfer the QuickBooks desktop to a new Computer. All the questions are always valid since financial details are sensitive. Several fears erupt when shifting QuickBooks software to a new Computer.

Data loss/damage

It’s easy to lose or damage data during a migration. This can happen unknowingly if the user doesn’t use backup to store or recover data.

Misplaced data

The possibility of misplacing data in the wrong files is relatively high. The user might save details in unlabeled folders, thus creating confusion in storage and retrieval.

Repeated data

The user can save the same data repeatedly and forget other important details. The process is pretty disappointing if the information is lost permanently.


QuickBooks application gains different H series errors triggered by system functionality. Suppose the new PC doesn’t have the required components. It will likely introduce QuickBooks errors like QuickBooks Error H505, QuickBooks Error H202, etc.


The transfer of QuickBooks files may require an extra external storage device. However, the files might be larger than the device. This can lead to missing information loss if not realized before the transfer.

QuickBooks License

Some transfer methods may not help with a QuickBooks license. One needs to consult the support team on the license details and to get the answer to How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer.


Mandatory requirements for the transfer of QuickBooks to a new Computer

Before getting to the data transfer process, the user should check out the following requirements:

  • Once the installation process is established in the new device. The user should remember to register the software. The process needs a stable internet to avoid failure.
  • The user must have QuickBooks backup before uninstalling the software from the old Computer.
  • Ensure the QuickBooks software installation disk is stored in a different external system for safety and easy installation.
  • Use external storage gadgets like Flash Disks (USB) to help with QuickBooks files.
  • The storage device should have enough space to hold bulk data.
  • Have a memorable but strong password for unlocking the QuickBooks system on the new computer. The migrator tool will request the password during the migration.
  • Users must ensure internal and external storage tools are not corrupted to damage the incoming data.


Basic details about the QuickBooks Migrator tool

The Migrator tool eases the transfer process of QuickBooks data to a new computer via a simple procedure. The tool contains various helpful features that allow users to perform the task seamlessly.

  • The Migrator tool is only available to users with Company admin details.
  • Individuals or companies using the US QuickBooks Desktop 2018 or higher versions can transfer three files simultaneously to a new computer.
  • One needs to have a password to help unlock the new QuickBooks system. Remember the password, for you’ll need it with the migrator tool.
  • Use a USB device to save details while the migrator helps transfer the last three open Company files.
  • QuickBooks migrator tool doesn’t delete or format any file during the transfer.
  • The user will get a real QuickBooks Desktop version with the correct files.

Businesses and individuals should know that the transfer can be affected by QuickBooks system storage. Suppose the USB has 64-bit files from a 64-bit QB desktop. The migrator tool will not work on a less system like a 32-bit Windows. One needs to present the 64-bit files to a 64-bit Windows system.


Required details for swift QuickBooks transfer to new Computer

  • The process requires a stable internet.
  • A USB with enough space (estimation 1000 to 2000 MBS)

How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer

What to do before transferring QuickBooks software to a new Computer

1. Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest version

  • Go to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the settings page, click the “help” button and select Update.
  • After the installation, restart the QuickBooks application.

2. QuickBooks License

  • Open the old Computer and access the QuickBooks app.
  • Go to:
  • Help tab and
  • About QuickBooks option.
  • The product Key details will be available.
  • If the user cannot access the product key (License), they can log in to their Intuit account.
  • Here, one can avail the QuickBooks Licenses and product key.

How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer


How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer

1. Company File Backup on an External drive

  • On the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Open the following details:
  • File
  • Back up Company file
  • Next, click the following options
  • Create local Backup
  • Local Backup.
  • click “OK” Save it now” button
  • Finally, press “Next” and “Save options.

2. Downloading the QuickBooks app on New Computer

  • Visit the Intuit website download page to get the QuickBooks Desktop app.
  • Enter your “country,” for example, the United States or any other choice based on location.
  • Choose your preferred product, premier or pro.
  • Next, select the “search” button from the list’s latest version.
  • Press the “Download” button to get the application on your PC.
  • Go on to install the app.

3. QuickBooks installation on a New Computer

  • After downloading the software, install it by double-clicking the QuickBooks file from the download folder.
  • Allow the user account control by clicking the “Yes” button.
  • Select the “Next” button under the Install Wizard to get QuickBooks.
  • Accept the license agreement and continue”.
  • Next, provide the “license and product number” and select the “Next” button.
  • Select the installation type to continue.
  • Express: Replace your current version but use existing settings.
  • Custom and Network options: the user can customize the different options such as location, upgrade, and advanced server details.
  • Select the “Next” tab and press the “Install” button.
  • The system will start installing QuickBooks software on your new device.
  • Open the QuickBooks app and restore the backup details to proceed with business activities.

4. Register QuickBooks Software

After downloading and installing the software. One has to register QuickBooks again on the new computer as follows:

  • Open the QuickBooks app on your device.
  • Proceed to the “Help” tab and select the “Register QuickBooks” option.
  • The system will request various details like email ID and phone number.
  • Intuit will auto-fill the details once they detect the QuickBooks registration.

5. Data and Company File restoration and Backup

The page will show a “No Company Open” tab; use it to restore your backup data.

  • Open the existing Company option.
  • Next, choose the “Restore a Backup copy” and press the “Next” button.
  • Select the “Local Backup” and press the “Next” tab again.
  • Now, browse the local external drive location and choose the “Company data file backup” tab.
  • Click the “open” and “Next” tab to continue.
  • Proceed to “save the company file” on your new PC default saving folder:
  • C:/users/public/public
  • Documents/intuit/QuickBooks/Company Files
  • Check the details and press the save button to complete the backup process.

Common Mistakes During Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer

The QuickBooks transfer process requires the user to be keen not to lose any data. However, different mistakes may occur in the migration process, such as:

Not having enough backup space.

The user might forget to check the external storage device’s remaining space before starting the transfer process.

Forgetting to update the QuickBooks software

It’s advisable to constantly update to the new version when migrating to a new PC. This introduces compatibility problems within the system.


Before making any changes, check whether your new device is compatible with QuickBooks details. Non-compatibility may lead to errors or system crashes.

How to Transfer QuickBooks To New Computer


QuickBooks transfer is easy but requires paramount attention to avoid mistakes. Businesses or individuals should check for loopholes that can lead to data loss or failure of the transfer.


Q. What are the requirements for a fast QuickBooks app transfer to a new Computer?

Ans. One should have stable internet and a USB flash with enough space.

Q. Can a 32-bit Window accommodate a 64-bit QuickBooks file?

Ans. No, the system will not complete the installation since the files don’t match with the Windows system. A 64-bit file requires a 64-bit Window.

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