How to View Old 941 in QuickBooks Desktop

How to View Old 941 in QuickBooks Desktop

In this Blog we will talk about How to View Old 941 in QuickBooks Desktop. Comprehensive and reliable are some of the words to describe the QuickBooks Desktop version. It’s an excellent start for small-medium businesses seeking accountability in their finances. To maintain efficiency in the accounting department, QuickBooks Desktop is designed with different features that enable you to pay and track payroll taxes. 

QuickBooks Form 941 is a significant document used for reporting essential details like

  • Quarterly tax withholdings
  • Medicare taxes
  • Social security

This form allows you to pay electronically or manually, electronically file, print, and make changes to the prepared details within the application.

You might want to access and view old 941 forms in QuickBooks Desktop for various reasons, such as;

  • Auditing
  • Historical data verification
  • Tax-related tasks

Once you access these forms, it helps you ensure accurate financial records by giving you insights into past tax liabilities. 

What is Form 941?

Form 941 is a tax form that is used by employers to report quarterly tips received, paid wages and withheld taxes for employees. It allows you to utilize the deposits that you made throughout the quarter to reconcile the amount of tax liabilities. It is important for your business to report accurately your employment taxes, inclusive of;

  • Social Security tax,
  • Medicare tax, and
  • Federal income tax is withheld from employees’ pay.

This reporting and payment of employment taxes ensures accountability and accuracy in fulfilling tax obligations.

Where to find Form 941 in QuickBooks Desktop

Image of Where to find form 941 in QB Desktop

You can easily find Form 941 in QuickBooks Desktop using the following steps;

  • Go to the Employees menu and select the payroll centre
  • Then select the file forms tab and print the form
  • You can view the form before printing by entering the payroll pin in the payroll tax centre and clicking ‘OK.’
  • Now select the field forms and pick the form you want to view
  • Next, click on the save button to save your changes
  • Now, take out the print copy for reference.

How to View Old 941 in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop has the necessary tools that allow you to retrieve and review old 941 forms conveniently. There are various ways you can view old 941 forms. They include;

Use of the Payroll Tax Liability Report

One way you can view old 941 forms is by using the payroll tax liability report. This report provides you with a detailed summary of your payroll tax liabilities. In order to access the payroll tax liability report, you can follow this procedure;

  • Start your QuickBooks Desktop and then open your company file.
  • Navigate to ‘Reports’ from the main menu and select ‘Employees and Payroll.’
  • Then select ‘Payroll Tax Liability’ and choose ‘Payroll tax liability detail.’
  • Next, set the desired date range for your report by selecting the best options. This can be selecting specific quarters or customizing the dates to fit your needs.
  • Once you are done, click on ‘Refresh’ to get the report. When the report is displayed, you can review the details of every payroll tax liability. 
  • Look for the Form 941 section to get the information, such as withheld tax amounts.

Using the above procedure allows you to view the information from old 941 forms, which are within the overall payroll tax liabilities context. It aids you in reconciling past tax filings and also if you are looking to analyze historical data. The payroll tax liability report provides a summary of your tax liability but does not give you the exact replica of the original Form 941. To get a more detailed view of the form, you can use other methods, which will be discussed below.

Archived Forms Feature

QuickBooks Desktop offers you a convenient way to access and retrieve old 941 forms using the archived forms feature. It allows you to review and print archived tax documents. To access the archived forms, you can follow the steps below;

  • Navigate to the ‘Employees’ tab.
  • Then select ‘Payroll Tax Forms and W-2s’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the ‘Create Form’ button and select ‘941’ from the list of forms available.
  • Next, specify the desired range of dates for the form you want to access and click on view to see the list of available forms that are within that frame of time.
  • Now select the form to review and print

Search Feature

This feature in QuickBooks Desktop allows you to find and access old 941 forms. It helps you retrieve and review past forms. Input your search query, such as tax period or form number, to find the form you want. This allows you to filter based on the date ranges and ensure you find the form easily. By providing relevant keywords and details, you can efficiently access and review your past 941 forms.

Preparing Form 941 in QuickBooks Desktop

image of 941 in QuickBooks Desktop

For you to prepare your tax form in QuickBooks Desktop, you must first subscribe to QuickBooks Standard or Enhanced payroll service. Then follow the steps below to learn how to prepare the form;

  • Select by clicking on the Employees on the top menu bar.
  • Now, pick the payroll forms and W-2s and process the payroll forms.
  • Go to your file form section and select the Quarterly Form 941 or Schedule- B – Interview of your form 941 or Schedule B
  • Tap on Click on the file form.
  • Now select the Quarter start and ending dates from the drop-down arrows.
  • Click on ‘next’ to proceed to your form 941
  • Now, make sure the details in your form are accurately filled.
  • Click on the check for errors to identify and fix any errors.
  • To identify the error, click on the error description box, and it will direct you to where the error on your form is, and you can correct it.
  • Click on the save and close buttons, respectively.
  • Then, print your form for record-keeping, and once you are done, you can hit the submit button to electronically file your form.


There are various ways and features to view old 941 forms in QuickBooks Desktop. These methods allow you to access previous tax filings and ensure accurate financial records. It also helps you maintain compliance with tax regulations using summarized or detailed 941 forms. It is important to regularly organize records and archive your tax forms. This ensures effortless retrieval of these forms when you need them. It also allows better financial analysis and decision-making for businesses.

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