QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File

QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File

“QuickBooks Cant Find Company File” error sounds new to novice users but is common to QuickBooks experts. It’s a regular pop-up message when locating and opening the Company file. The persistent issue occurs if the user renames or moves the file to a new location. However, other technical issues may contribute to the QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File error. This guide will help analyze all complex possibilities and provide solutions for QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File Error.

QuickBooks software is quite advanced and provides users with multiple solutions to arising problems. The Company file missing or not found error occurs due to simple and complex system functionalities. QuickBooks users may mistakenly shift the file from the existing location. The issues can be solved by searching the file location. Factors such as damaged files, malware, corrupt data, and networks can mess up the system. However, it’s not something that QuickBooks troubleshooting tools can’t solve.

QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File

What does QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File imply?

Once the user downloads and installs the QuickBooks application on their device. The software comes with different automated features. This allows one to create a Company within the software, which forms a Company file under the same Company name. Company Files are denoted by a .qbw extension that helps contain all Company data and files. The files cannot be split into different files but can be moved from one device to another. The user can update the company file to a newer version anytime.

However, if any QuickBooks function fails the system will display the QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File error.

QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File

Each problem is unique and calls for a specified solution. QuickBooks comes with preinstalled free tools such as QuickBooks Tool Hub, which holds numerous features. The QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File error message comes with a solution text that directs the user to point out the location for QuickBooks. It also provides a “Find” option on the menu for quick search. 

QuickBooks Company File not found

The root cause for the QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File error.

The apparent reason is renaming and moving the file to a new location. The system can present other potential causes, such as: 


Any changes on the Company File should be known to the QuickBooks Software. The app can only retrieve your Company file from the last location it was saved. To eliminate error messages, constantly update the changes on QuickBooks.

Corrupt Company File

Simple factors like forced shutdown hardware/software issues can lead to file corruption. The corrupted functions easily result in the ‘QuickBooks unable to open Company file” error. 

Renamed Company File

If you decide to rename the company file, you need to update the change on QuickBooks software. The system cannot trace the new file name, thus inviting the error. 

Deleting file

Deleting the Company file unknowingly is possible, making it challenging to open the file on QuickBooks.

Incompatible backup/restoration

Restoring invalid data on a newer QuickBooks version will likely produce a system error. The QuickBooks app will not recognize the incompatible file. 

Network hitches

Poor network connection on the primary server can cause the “QuickBooks Company file not found” issue. 

Wrong QuickBooks version

Opening the Company file with the wrong QuickBooks desktop version will interrupt different functions and may cause the missing file error.

Access denied

QuickBooks company file is accessible to individuals with the admin login/permission. Before opening the file, ensure you have access permission to the file to avoid file blockage.

Issue with .qbw extension. 

With multiple replica software inventions, accessing the wrong QBW extension is possible. The extension will conflict with the QuickBooks saved files, leading to data loss/damage.

Damaged hard drive  

Hard drive issues can easily damage or corrupt the Company File. This may interrupt the proper opening process or cause damage to the file. The hardware problem may cause malware to file, leading to an error eruption.

QuickBooks Company File not found

Simple practices to consider to prevent QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File error.

QuickBooks errors are the last thing one needs when managing Company financial data. The user can invest in simple practices to curb the error.

System update

Forgetting a simple update will cost the system a whole lot. For every change, ensure to update the QuickBooks system, for example, directing QuickBooks to the new file location or name. The update also applies to the QuickBooks software. The user should use the latest QB version for better functionality.

Company File Backup

Besides the error occurrence, it’s advisable to regularly backup your QuickBooks data. Businesses or QB users should create Company file backup on a secure software or gadget for easy restoration or moving. This allows one to have a recent file copy free from error issues. 

Regular Network checkup

A network is an external system that can be adjusted to fit your devices. To keep data safe, businesses can invest in stable network connections or have a backup network in case of failure.

Proper renaming

Renaming the Company File is a huge decision that should be carefully considered. Company files contain all the business’s financial details and may go missing or fall into the wrong hands once renamed. Individuals dealing with the sensitive file should update QuickBooks once they rename it.

Fast methods to Fix QuickBooks Cant Find Company File issue

QuickBooks Cant Find Company File

Company file not found/missing issues can be solved with various troubleshooting solutions. QuickBooks users can opt for what best works for their issues, as each device and problem is unique.

Solution 1

Get files saved on the system/ access existing Company files

QuickBooks user can first check for existing Company files in their local system. To avail the details, one needs to enter the *asterisk sign to the extension file as follows:

File name 

Extension symbol

QB Company files


Backup files


Accountant copy files


Accountant transfer file 


Accountant changes files 


The system will display the location of every file, making it easy to resolve the missing file issue. Now, one can direct QuickBooks to the Company file location easily. However, if the files don’t open the user should incorporate professional help.

Solution 2 

Accessing the File using the QuickBooks application

It’s possible to open the Company file or any other files, such as the Accountant changes file or transfer files, using the steps below.

  • Go to the QuickBooks file and select the “Open/restore Company” section.
  • Select the “Next” tab after clicking the “Open a Company File” option.
  • Now get “Company file” and click “open” to proceed.

Restoring Backup files (.qbb file extension)

  • On the QuickBooks file menu list, select:
  • Open/restore Company 
  • Restore a backup file tab 


  • Local backup 
  • Company file 
  • Go to the option “Next” and choose the location to save the restored file.

Accountants transfer file

  • Again, proceed to the open company or restore company option under the file section.
  • To continue, press the following details:
  • Convert an accountant copy transfer file > “Next”.
  • If what the accountants copy 
  • Transfer file 
  • Open the file and choose a preferred location to save the file.
  • Recheck the information and press the save button.

Solution 2

Method 1

Network Connectivity Verification

Network configuration can cause different QuickBooks errors. Any wrong settings will cause conflict within the system. Businesses need to review the setting configuration using the steps below:

  • First, get the server’s name and select the Window +R buttons.
  • In the Run section, type “CMD” and press the “enter” button.
  • Next, input “ipconfig/all” and enter.
  • Get the server’s name and enter “Ping” plus the name on the next window.
  • Once you press the enter button, the page will show reply sections (pockets).
  • Pockets that won’t show up indicate there is a network connection problem.

Method 2

Search for QuickBooks Company File

  • First, go to Windows to avail the “file type”.
  • Go to the “Window start” and enter the Company file extension: for example

*qbw company file 

*qbb backup file 

  • Once you get the correct file, right-click and continue to the “open file location” tab.
  • Get the file from the said location to remove the error.

Solution 3 

Method 1

Copying the Company file to a new location

  • The user must create a new folder in “C: drive.”
  • You can also open the folder from where the Company file is saved.
  • Click and hold the control key.
  • Select the company file and the corresponding .tlg file.
  • Right-click and press the “copy” button.
  • Open a new folder > right-click and press the paste.

Method 2

Checking for properties and file extension

  • Check the location where the Company file is saved. 
  • Go to the Company file and press the “Properties” option.
  • Next, type the Company file, which should be 7MB and select the “Advanced” option.
  • Review the details and select the OK option.

Method 3

Conduct QuickBooks update and check the type of file

  • Get the latest QuickBooks version through the “Help” option or download the application from the Intuit website.
  • Check the updated file extension (.qbw); it should not be compressed.
  • Next, right-click the QuickBooks Company File and go to the “Properties” option.
  • Proceed to “Advanced” and check the box “clear the compress and encrypt.”
  • Select the OK tab to complete the process.

Method 4

Opening a sample Company file

  • Click the start tab and press and hold the control button.
  • Choose the “QuickBooks” and proceed to “open a sample file” to complete the procedure.

Method 5

Turning off hosting on the workstation computer

To resolve the QuickBooks Company file not found issue, the user can also turn off hosting from the workstation devices. 

  • Open the QuickBooks app on your Workstations.
  • Choose the file section followed by utilities.
  • Proceed to the next workstation if the page shows the “Host multi-user access” option.
  • However, if the page indicates “stop hosting multi-user access”, open the tab.
  • Ensure that the process is repeated in all workstations to determine the error.

Server computer

  • Get the QB app on the server device open “file” tab to access the “utilities.
  • Choose the “host multi-user access” option and move the multi-user setting off/on.
  • Go to the following options:
  • File utilities > stop hosting multi-user access.
  • File utilities > host multi-user access 
  • Now, reopen the Company file to check whether the issue is resolved.


QuickBooks Company File was not found error revolving around the QuickBooks and device system functionality. The solutions are not complex to administer unless the file is missing from the software. A standard business user can incorporate the above methods to clear out the error.


Q. What is the actual QuickBooks Company file size?

QuickBooks versions (pro or premiere) is 250MB, while the Company file takes up a limit space of 1.5GB.

Q. Can I compress the Company file?

QuickBooks Company files can be compressed using the QB condense data tool.

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