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Seamless Steps to Categorize Credit Card Payment in QuickBooks

Organizing your business’s financial details is fulfilling, especially with advanced tools. QuickBooks software is fascinating and is taking the business industry by storm. The system goes beyond small and medium businesses and accommodates large companies.  Intuit has established quick...

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How to Categorize Refunds on QuickBooks

QuickBooks Refunds are inevitable for businesses. Returning the funds means deducting and balancing some transactions. However, with QuickBooks software, it’s always smooth sailing, as the refund recording features are available. When the customer requests a refund, multiple scenarios can...

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How to Delete Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop –A Comprehensive Guide

QuickBooks desktop is a prominent name in the world of finance and accounting. But for every business, maintaining the records is one of the crucial aspects. Likewise, recording the deposit is also vital for every business as it helps...

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