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QuickBooks Won’t Open? Here’s the Key to Fix it!

In this dynamic era, keeping track of accounts is one of the crucial tasks for every business entity, and that’s where QuickBooks software comes into play. QuickBooks is an eminent software in the world of accounts and finances. This software encompasses many features, tools, and other technical benefits that would assist users in operating their businesses effectively and efficiently. Moreover, this user-friendly platform is used by both small-scale and large-scale entities intending to accelerate their business.

However, sometimes QuickBooks users encounter unavoidable technical glitches while operating this software, some of them being “unable to start QuickBooks,” “QuickBooks not functioning,” or “QuickBooks won’t open.” Though this glitch might hinder your business’s ability to operate precisely, it can be quickly resolved through certain technical aspects. With the help of this article, we aim to address the causes of “QuickBooks won’t open error,” the indicators of this issue, and the ways to rectify it like a pro. 

 What Causes QuickBooks Desktop Doesn’t Start Error?

The QuickBooks users might come across this error after updating their QuickBooks software. This error prohibits the users from accessing the company files. Multiple aspects contribute to this issue when discussing the prompts of such errors. 

Listed below are some causes resulting in this error whenever the users try to open their QuickBooks Desktop:

  • The system’s hard disk is corrupt.
  • QuickBooks Desktop still needs to be updated to its latest edition.
  • Lengthy Company name.
  • Damaged .ini files.
  • Improper or inappropriate installation of the software.
  • Unauthorized access.

    Indications of QuickBooks Won’t Open Error

     Before the users actually confront this error, they are notified with specific indications, including system dysfunction and inability to access     the company files. However, the following are some of those signs  that users must consider:

  • Freezing up of the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Inappropriate operating of the software.
  • The system begins to lag.
  • The QuickBooks does not support the company file.
  • The functioning of the system goes slower.

Kindly note that Instead of constantly clicking the QuickBooks icon, hold on for a while and let the software launch. Forbid sending too many requisitions at once. This may result in system overload and can also affect the overall software’s performance.

Instructions to Be Considered Before Fixing The QuickBooks Won’t Open Error

Before heading towards the methods to rectify the QuickBooks won’t open error, the users must go through certain instructions that would assist them in examining this QuickBooks doesn’t support issue and resolving it timely; such instructions are as follows:-

  • Make sure your QuickBooks Desktop is updated to its latest version.
  • Disable hosting on your computer.
  • Assign new names to the. TLG and . ND files.
  • Repair the installed version of QuickBooks on your computer.

How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open Error

QuickBooks Won't Open Error


As of now, the readers must have understood the factors leading to this error and the indications of the same. So, let us now head towards the methods to troubleshoot the QuickBooks not responding error.  

1. Make Use of the QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks Tool Hub, an advantageous tool, helps users resolve the frequently occurring errors on QuickBooks Desktop. It complies with Windows 10, 64-bit edition. However, individuals are advised to install the latest version of QuickBooks Tool Hub for effective and seamless functioning.

Screenshot of QuickBooks Software

  • Firstly, make sure that you close the running QuickBooks software.
  • Please install the latest edition of QuickBooks Tool Hub and launch it.
  • Launch the QuickBookToolHub.exe file.
  • Adhere to the on-screen instructions and accept the listed terms and conditions attentively.
  • Once done with the installation, open the tool hub.
  • Use the suggested sub-tools to fix the problem.

2. Exit the Process of qbw32.exe

Users are advised to end the process of QuickBooks in the task manager, specifically the process of qbw32.exe. Users can go through the steps given below to use this method of troubleshooting:

  • Click on the start task manager from the window taskbar.
  • Tap on processes and then select the header.
  • Choose QBW32.exe, and lastly, click on the exit process.3. Make Use of Quick Fix My Program to Resolve the Problem
    To initiate the “Quick Fix My program,” the users are strictly instructed to ensure that QuickBooks Tool Hub is pre-installed in their respective systems.


Screenshot of QuickBooks Tool hub Software interface

  • Initiate the Process by downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub to your system.
  • To begin the installation process, click on the downloaded file twice and strictly adhere to the instructions on the screen.
  • Once done with the process of installation, tap on the finish tab.
  • Launch your QuickBooks Tool Hub and opt to run as administrator.
  • A list of programs will appear on your screen; select the Quick Fix My Program.
  • Open QuickBooks File Doctor and repair the file.

Restart your QuickBooks Software.

4. Use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks users are recommended to use the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, especially when they encounter any issues with the installation process.

Screenshot of QuickBooks Tool Hub Software

  • Initiate the process by downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub to your system.
  • Click on the downloaded file twice to install and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once done with the process of installation, tap on the finish tab.
  • Launch your QuickBooks Tool Hub and opt to run as the admin user.
  • A list of changes will appear on your screen; click on the installation issue tab.
  • Select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Reboot your system, and re-launch your QuickBooks software.

5. Create a New Administrator for Windows

Often, QuickBooks is not responding; errors arise due to issues with the admin account. In such cases, QuickBooks users can choose to create a new administrator for Windows and give complete access to the new admin.

Screenshot of QuickBooks Tool Hub in Desktop

  • Start with creating a local account.
  • Select the Windows+I keys simultaneously.
  • Tap the accounts tab, then click on the other people’s account option.
  • Click on Add a second party.
  • It’s optional to provide the email address. Instead, select the ” I don’t have the person’s info option.
  • Tap on the Add user using a Microsoft account tab.
  • Forge ahead by creating this account as a local admin user.
  • Transform the type of account from local to standardized.
  • Lastly, tap on OK and restart your QuickBooks Desktop.


With the help of this article, the users must have developed a thorough understanding of what QuickBooks Won’t Open error is and how to troubleshoot it. Still, users can connect with the QB experts if they encounter technical errors. Professionals are available round the clock to provide complete assistance to the users. Alternatively, you can also get support by visiting their website via By doing so, you can expect to connect with QuickBooks payroll support experts who can help you quickly resolve your QuickBooks Won’t Open Error.





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