How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Version.

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to the Latest Release

Millions of business people and accountants globally use QuickBooks software for bookkeeping and accounting purposes. But have you ever wondered whether it is necessary to update QuickBooks? Updates are released every year for QuickBooks users to enhance the functionality. It’s worth mentioning that such updates come up with numerous benefits that enable the users to experience innovative features and whatnot. If you are willing to update QuickBooks to the latest released versions, you can opt for the official Intuit website to download it seamlessly. 

Once the users successfully update their QuickBooks desktop, they can access multiple tools to more precisely examine the errors or technical glitches. Hence, to enhance the functioning of the QuickBooks Software, users are instructed to update QuickBooks Desktop to its latest released version. 

This article explains why it is necessary to update QuickBooks to its latest released version (2023), the perks of doing that, and the steps to be followed for updating the QuickBooks Desktop.

What’s Included in the Most Recent Version of QuickBooks?

As of the latest scenario, the recent edition available is QuickBooks Desktop 2023. This update comes with numerous features and additional tools. Some of the features are listed below:- 

  • Sophisticated feature for user management

It further allows the admin to permit particular users to perform a particular activity. In addition, it enables the users to manage their roles and responsibilities per the requirements. 

  • RFA improvement

This feature permits QuickBooks users to request QuickBooks to appoint a second admin. 

  • Bugs Fixing

Apart from features, users get instant bug fixes by updating their QuickBooks Desktop. Errors such as data-level permission prevent users from creating transactions for unpermitted customers. 

Benefits of Updating QuickBooks Software

Updates are being released for every edition of Intuit, including 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023. These updates are released only once a year. Listed below are certain benefits of updating the QuickBooks software:

  • Updates are essential because they strengthen financial data security, safeguard it from all types of data loss, and address issues with certain prevalent security flaws and vulnerabilities. 
  • Moreover, updating also assures precise user knowledge. 
  • Optimizing characteristics more effectively.

What Are the Recently Released Versions of QuickBooks Desktop?

Updating QuickBooks to its recent edition results in numerous advantages. Besides this, such updates ensure the precise and meticulous functioning of the software. Listed below are some of the latest editions of QuickBooks Desktop, introduced by Intuit.

  • QuickBooks 2023 R6_25.
  •  QuickBooks 2023 R3_103.
  •  QuickBooks 2022 R11_51.
  •  QuickBooks 2022 R5_157.

Steps to Update QuickBooks Desktop to its Latest Version

QuickBooks users may update QuickBooks Desktop manually or automatically as desired. Whenever the latest version of QuickBooks becomes available online, your QB desktop will be updated automatically only when you have enabled the automatic updating mode. 

Listed below are two approaches the users must use to update QuickBooks to its latest version conveniently:-

  1. Automatic updating approach. 
  2. Immediate updating approach 

Step 1: Automatic Updating Approach 

This is one of the easiest and trouble-free approaches that are being used for updating the QuickBooks desktop. Updates can only be downloaded when users aren’t accessing the internet or their QuickBooks Desktop. 

To verify whether the functioning of this software is precise, updates are automatically downloaded from the official Intuit website using this method. Furthermore, QuickBooks users also get a choice of turning off the automatic update mode if they aren’t willing to update their QuickBooks desktop to its latest version.


Image of updating QuickBooks Software

  • Download the Automatic Updates 
  • Visit your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Click on the help tab. 
  • Click on the update your QuickBooks tab twice. 
  • Make sure you have cleared all the old data from your QuickBooks update box. 
  • Tap on the Get updates tab. 
  • Lastly, Re-launch your QB desktop. 

Steps for turning the automatic update approach on or off.


Image of steps to update


  • First, choose the get updates option. 
  • Click on help. 
  • Select update QuickBooks. 
  • Navigate to the options tab. 
  • Hit Yes if you can enable the automatic update options; otherwise, click NO if you don’t want to. If you turn off the automatic updates, you will not receive any further notifications, even if reminders are accessible on the Intuit server.
  • Proceed further by clicking on save and then click on close. 

Step 2: Immediate Updating Approach

 Updates can be downloaded easily and precisely from the official Intuit website at any moment, even when the users are not currently running their QuickBooks software. You may use this method to update your QuickBooks Desktop if you have already activated the automatic updating mode. 

Users are advised that they should check for updates monthly. Follow the instructions below to examine the updates available for QuickBooks and the ways to implement them. 

image of Updating approach

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and click on the help tab. 
  • Search for update QuickBooks and click on the update now option.
  • Choose the update you want to install, and tap on Get Updates. Users can examine the update column to look for more details related to the updates.
  • Tap on the link of Maintenance releases, and a page appear on your screen with all the information regarding the improvements in the updates listed.
  • Exit and reopen your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The users will be notified of a message on their screen, i.e. “You want to install the update now?” 
  • Lastly, tap on the Download the Updates tab. 
  • Reboot your system once you are done with the installation process.

What if the Users Fail to Download the Updates?

QuickBooks users might encounter technical glitches while updating their QuickBooks Desktop to its latest version (2023). For such instances, the users are recommended to follow the methods provided below: 

Method 1- Re-download the updates for QuickBooks

Image of Re download of QuickBooks Software updates

  • Open your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Head towards the help menu. 
  • Lastly, end up by clicking on the update your QuickBooks Desktop.

Image of update of QuickBooks Support.

Method 2- Exit processes in the QuickBooks task manager

  • To commence with this method, exit your QuickBooks desktop. 
  • Press down the keys control + shift + delete simultaneously. 
  • Launch your task manager. 
  • Click on the processes menu and choose any one process amongst the following processes:
  1. QBCFMonitorService.exe 
  2. QBW32.exe or QBW.exe
  3. QBDBMgr.exe, or QBDBMgrN.exe
  4. qbupdate.exe 
  • Finally, select the complete task once you complete all the steps.
  • Reinstall the latest updates for the QuickBooks Desktop. 

How the QuickBooks Desktop is updated in MAC

Firstly, Mac users are instructed to examine which version of QuickBooks they are currently running with. Click on Command +1 to scrutinise the current edition and the releases.

In-product Updating 

Image of rupdating quickbooks

  • Go to the main menu of QuickBooks desktop.
  • Click on verify updates. 
  • Download the latest version.

Manual Updating 

  • To update QuickBooks Desktop manually, the users are instructed to uninstall the previous version of QuickBooks and reinstall the latest or recent one.
  •  After examining it, please install the latest or recent edition of QuickBooks once again. 
  • Tap on the downloaded file .dmg file twice.
  • Select the edition of QuickBooks as per the requirement.
  • Re-download the update.
  • Launch your QuickBooks Desktop and head towards the Check QuickBooks updates tab.
  • Tap on install and restart.

Latest released versions of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Listed below are some of the recently released versions of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac users:-

  • QuickBooks Mac Plus 2024 R1
  • QuickBooks Mac Plus 2023 R3
  • QuickBooks Mac Plus 2023 R5
  • QuickBooks Mac Plus 2022 R10
  • QuickBooks Mac 2021 R13
  • QuickBooks Mac 2020 R14
  • QuickBooks Mac 2020 R1

Fix errors while updating QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

If Mac users ever come across any technical glitch or error while updating their QuickBooks to its latest version (2023), they can use the methods listed below:-

  • Open the updates and download page.
  • Click on the standard setup tab.
  • Tap on the country-drop-down tab and choose the country accordingly.
  • Choose the product accordingly from the product drop-down list displayed on the screen.
  • Tap on the search tab.
  • Tap on the latest update option.


This article provides all the essential details that users must know to update QuickBooks Desktop to its most recent edition (2023). But still, if the users encounter any issues, errors, or technical glitches while updating the QuickBooks desktop, they are always welcome to contact the professionals via QuickBooks error support team assists users with a quick and precise resolution of errors. 


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