QuickBooks desktop is a prominent name in the world of finance and accounting. But for every business, maintaining the records is one of the crucial aspects. Likewise, recording the deposit is also vital for every business as it helps you estimate the exact financial position of the firm and helps in the reconciliation process.

Whenever the users receive the payments on their sent invoices from the clients in the deposited funds account, it becomes vital for them to deposit this payment into an account on QuickBooks desktop. The bank deposit feature will help the users create the group payment for all the fees received in the deposited fund account. 

Sometimes, the users might come across inevitable technical glitches, as a result of which they have to delete these deposits. Through this article, we aim to inform our users about how to delete the deposit in QuickBooks desktop and why it is necessary.

Why are Deposits Required?

Making deposits is one of the vital aspects of every business. As discussed, deposits help you keep a record of the incoming cash flow, which aids in maintaining a sound financial status in the market. 

Recording deposits also helps the reconciliation process and ensures that the business’s financial records are precise. Also, these deposit records help to verify whether the bank account transaction complies with the accounting records. By doing this, the users can forbid bounced checks, overdrafts, and other problems that might affect the business’s financial health

What is a Wrong Deposit?

image of wrong Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

Any deposit incorrectly recorded in the QuickBooks desktop is considered wrong and does not showcase the firm’s final and precise balances, as a result of which it becomes essential for the users to delete the deposits from the QuickBooks desktop. Different types of wrong deposits may occur on QuickBooks desktops. Listed below are some of them

1. Duplicate Deposits

If the users mistakenly record any deposit twice, duplicate deposits occur. This may lead to incorrect company balances and result in inappropriate financial records.

2. Deposits for the Wrong Customer

If the users have assigned any deposit to the wrong client, that might lead to inappropriate financial records. As a result, they are making it difficult for people to estimate the actual financial position of the firm.

3. Deposits for the Wrong Amount

Sometimes, it happens that the users end up entering the wrong amount while recording the deposits. Such mistakes might make the process of reconciliation more complex for the users.

4. Deposit for the Wrong Account

If the users have assigned the company’s financial records, it will make the reconciliation process more difficult for the users. Inappropriate results in QuickBooks desktop might lead to inaccurate financial records, unhappy customers, and numerous other issues. With improper financial records, it becomes difficult to estimate the exact financial position of the firm. 

Any mistake in the deposits might impact society negatively in terms of the reputation of the firm. Hence, all the users of QuickBooks desktop must maintain precise and authentic financial records.

How to Delete Deposits in QuickBooks?

Often, users end up with inevitable mistakes while adding the deposits, as a result of which they have to delete them. However, deletion of deposits does not mean the whole deposit account will be deleted. You will receive the payment back after deleting it from the QuickBooks desktop.

The deposited payment is the amount being deposited by the users in the bank. There are numerous reasons why users sometimes have to delete deposits from QuickBooks. Some of those reasons are as follows.

  • The checks recorded in the deposit account are incorrect.
  • The deposits are added in the customer column.
  • There is a duplication of the deposit.

Listed below are specific steps that the users are instructed to adhere to delete the deposit in QuickBooks

  • Firstly, sign up for your QuickBooks account using the signup ID and passcode.
  • Go through the list option from the menu and tap on the chart of the account tab.
  • Choose the account tab by clicking on it twice.
  • Double-tap on the deposit tab to launch it.
  • Look for the payment you are willing to delete from the list of deposits.
  • Tap on the edit option and then select delete.
  • If you want to delete the entire deposit, kindly tap the delete deposit tab.

How do you Delete a Duplicate Payment on a QuickBooks Desktop?

image of Delete Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

Any deposit recorded twice in the account might lead to inaccurate financial records and hinder the reconciliation process. In such circumstances, the users may quickly delete the duplicate deposit just by following the steps provided below:

  • Open your QuickBooks desktop and go through the company file.
  • Tap on the company file and select the banking tab from the main menu.
  • Tap on the make deposit option.
  • Search and choose the line having duplicity.
  • Tap on the edit tab to delete the duplicate deposit.
  • Once done with the deletion, tap on the save button to save all the modifications done.
  • Go through the list tab and tap on the chart of accounts option.
  • Please go through the unused funds and click on it twice to open your bank account register.
  • Lastly, delete the selected deposit, duplicated by hitting the delete payment button.

How do you Delete Incorrect Deposits on QuickBooks Desktop?

Listed below are specific steps the users are instructed to follow to delete any incorrect deposit in QuickBooks desktop to prevent further repercussions.

  • Login to your QuickBooks desktop and tap on the Chart of Accounts tab.
  • Choose the account from the list on the screen where you are willing to delete the deposit.
  • Look for the desired account and launch it.
  • Click on control+ D simultaneously, and then tap on the OK button.
  • Lastly, you will be notified of a pop-up window on your screen; tap the OK button to proceed with the deletion.


Through this article, the users must have understood how to delete a deposit in QuickBooks desktop and the other technical aspects. Moreover, deleting a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop becomes crucial if any wrong deposit has been recorded in the books of accounts. Moreover, if the users encounter difficulty deleting the QuickBooks Desktop deposits, they can freely connect with the QB experts at any time via QB. Support. The experts are highly experienced and are always available to assist the clients with the best services.