How to Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

How to Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

Modern Businesses invest in digital financial platforms that ease, secure, and hold vast data.  This has seen multiple accounting and bookkeeping software erupting, all claiming to offer unique personalized services.  However, most systems don’t align with business needs, thus leading to data breaches and significant losses.  QuickBooks software has stood the test of time by providing consistent, secure, and automated financial services.

How to Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks, an Intuit innovation, allows businesses (small-medium size) to venture into different accounting services at affordable rates.  Users can create features like QuickBooks Company File to hold all their accounting and business details.  The software offers numerous tools to help protect, recover, and improve data.

With the high-end features, QuickBooks falls into potential hitches like QuickBooks Errors, Damaged Company files, Corrupt Files, and more.  The glitches mainly affect the regular operation of the Company File, which provides errors such as the Company file not found, missing, or corrupted.  However, vast troubleshooting features are designed to help QuickBooks rebuild Company files and restore lost or damaged data.  Here, we venture into different solutions that verify and Rebuild QuickBooks Company File.


QuickBooks Company File 

Company Files in QuickBooks are significant files the user creates to hold all the company’s accounts/financial records.  Once you launch QuickBooks software on your desktop, the first item to implement is Company File to help save and operate the account information.  Opening several Company Files under a single QuickBooks platform but with different names is possible.


Company File issues

QuickBooks Company Files are prone to multiple issues like corrupt files, damaged files, missing files, malware, etc.  The issues can cause permanent or temporary damage, which affects business operations.  However, with simple QuickBooks tools such as Rebuild Data Tool, one can quickly learn how to rebuild Company files in QuickBooks without any expert knowledge. 

How to Rebuild QuickBooks Company File
Simple ways to recognize corrupt/damaged QuickBooks Company File

Simple ways to recognize corrupt/damaged QuickBooks Company File

QuickBooks software is pretty sensitive and reacts to any changes in the system.  The application offers warning alerts or presents errors that require quick solutions.  A compromised QB Company File will display signs allowing users to act on a particular problem.

  • A corrupt or damaged Company File will hardly open and likely display an error message like QuickBooks Can’t Find Company File or Company File not found.  The errors can be presented in codes like H series errors (QuickBooks H505 Error). 
  • The QB system may shut down when the user saves or conducts transactions.
  • Misplaced data like missing entries, balance sheets not matching paid invoices showing otherwise, etc. 
  • The whole system will be slow, making operating most of the tools challenging.
  • Once the user saves any transaction, the system automatically crashes.
  • Issues with missing names or invoices.

The QuickBooks Company file will show multiple faulty factors that indicate a corrupt Company File.


Reasons to Verify and Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

Businesses and individuals using and seeking to utilize QuickBooks services can use automated verification and Rebuilding tools to check out the following issues:

  • To remove errors such as Company file not working/opening.
  • Rebuilding allows users to recover essential data.
  • To keep QuickBooks up to date and enhance the system’s security.
  • Verifying and repairing the Company files helps in aligning the misplaced information.  This eliminates the confusion and balances the accounts.

How to Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

Easy steps to verify and Rebuild Company File in QuickBooks

  • First, open the “Window” icon and then “close all.”
  • Proceed to the “File” option and choose the “Utilities” tab.
  • The user should click the “Verify Data” option if they get the following details:
  • “QuickBooks detected no problems with your Data.” The data is clean and requires nothing else.
  • Error message: the user will get an error through the “QB Desktop support site” and how to fix it.
  • If the system indicates that the data has been lost, integrity and damage were spotted in the file.  Rebuild your data to fix it.”

How to Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

Rebuilding Company File

After the verification procedure, the user can commence the Rebuild QuickBooks Company File process as follows:

  • Open the “File” > “Utilities” option.
  • Next, choose the “Rebuild Data” tab.
  • The QuickBooks system will request data backup before rebuilding the Company File.
  • You need to click “OK” and proceed to choose where to save backup data.
  • Ensure you choose a new saving location, not replace another backup file.
  • Once selected, press “OK,” key in a new file name, and click “save.” 
  • “Rebuild has completed” message will show; click the “OK” tab to continue.
  • Again, visit the “File” tab and choose the “utilities” option.
  • Press the “Verify Data” option to avail of any new damages.
  • Note for additional damages, the user should fix them manually.
  • Go to “qbwin.log QuickBooks Desktop support site” to learn how to fix the issue.
  • Suppose the system didn’t find the error, one can restore the recent backup by:
  • Opening the “file” section and click the “open/restore Company” tabs.
  • One should not replace an existing Company file.  Enter the information again since you have the data from the backup file.

How to Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

Procedure to repair QuickBooks Company File Manually

It’s possible to repair corrupt Company files using a QuickBooks Rebuild Data tool manually.  One needs to use the tool via the File tab as shown below.

  • First, create a backup copy for the file you wish to rebuild.
  • Next, turn on the temporary host on your device and access QuickBooks as Admin.
  • Once logged in, select the “file” option.
  • Go to the utilities section and select the “Rebuild data” tab.
  • Open the file once it’s copied. 
  • Review the Company File to see whether the issue is resolved.


Fixing Corrupted QuickBooks Desktop Company File using the Rebuild Data tool 

  • Run QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Next, go to the options:
  • File tab
  • Utilities 
  • Rebuild data
  • Click the “Ok” tab and follow the page’s instructions to backup.
  • Check whether the mouse icon is moving on the screen.  This indicates the repairing tool is functioning.
  • Click “OK” and proceed to the “file” section.
  • Again, press the “utilities” tab and click the “verify data” option.
  • This will help check for any errors on the QB Company File.
  • If the page shows no issues, click “OK” to proceed.
  • For any arising issues, go to the “Rebuild Now” tab to troubleshoot the error in the file.


Repairing/Rebuild QuickBooks Company File using Verify Data

The verify Data feature uses similar features like the Rebuild Data tool.  The user will follow QuickBooks Desktop options as follows:

  • Open your QBDT account and select the “File” button.
  • Next, click the options:
  • Utilities
  • Verify Data.
  • The page will display the “verify Results” screen.
  • Wait for a few minutes and press the “Expand all” button to access any error.
  • Select the “online articles” tab to solve the errors and repair the corrupt file.

Rebuild QuickBooks Company File

Available QuickBooks Tools to Help Fix Company File Issues:

QuickBooks software contains multiple tools that offer significant help to businesses.  There are free tools designed for every error or functionality.  QB users don’t require external features to solve issues.  One can utilize free QuickBooks features such as: 

1. QuickBooks Program Diagnostic Tool

The Diagnostic Tools allows businesses to resolve glitches that appear during QuickBooks installation.  The QB install Diagnostic tool helps analyze and fix the Company file errors connected to the MS .NET system.

2. QuickBooks Repair Tool

With the description, QuickBooks Repair Tools fixes problems that prevent the QuickBooks app from working or opening Company File.

3. QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool was established in 2016 to resolve data corruption, network issues, and Windows setup issues.  The File Doctor Tool can be used as follows:

  • Get the QuickBooks tool hub App. 
  • Select the Company File issue to proceed.
  • Next, run the QuickBooks File Doctor, through the QuickBooks Tool Hub. 
  • Select the Company file showing on the menu or search for the file.
  • Key in the Admin login credentials to proceed with the page’s instructions.

4. Run Quick Fix My File

The Quick Fix My File fixes Company File problems.  It’s located on the QuickBooks Tool hub and easily accessible using the steps below:

  • Open the QuickBooks Tool Hub and access the Company file issues section.
  • Go to the “Quick Fix My file” option and press OK.
  • Launch the tool to solve the present Company File issue.


Advantages of QuickBooks data file Repair/Rebuild tool

All QuickBooks tools provide unique services that come in handy for business productivity.  The Repair Tool allows users to fix different glitches without extra cost.

  • The user can recover huge amounts of data from a corrupt Company File. 
  • Repair Tool and Rebuild Tools help rectify misinterpreted data such as missing transactions, names, wrong invoices, etc.
  • QuickBooks rebuild tool to ease the recovery process, which could take ages to retrieve important data.
  • The repair tool saves log reports to help users review any information about past repairs, files, and possible issues.



Rebuild QuickBooks Company File in a few clicks.  The QuickBooks software provides proper tools like the Rebuild data tool or Repair tool to troubleshoot and resolve issues within the system.



Q. How long will the QuickBooks Data file Rebuild Process take?

ANS.  The Company file data size and your device performance determine the Rebuild process.  However, the process should take a few minutes or hours.

Q. Why didn’t I recover some of my data after the QuickBooks data file rebuild?

ANS.  Before working on any QuickBooks data, one should back up every file and save it under a new name and location.  If the user forgets to backup the information, they will probably lose data during the rebuild process.

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