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Quickbooks enterprise software comes with advanced features and applications. This software is designed to help businesses in managing complex transactions, handle larger data files, advanced inventory management, get deeper performance insights, and advanced customisation of reports.

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However, we often hear users facing difficulty in running and managing the software. The difficulty may be on account of the inability to use the software or some bugs that need to be fixed. It may not be easy for users to locate the reason for errors and solve the problem. This phenomenon might lead to operational disturbance for the business and hurdles in accounting processes that might result in financial/administrative gaps and even financial repercussions. Most of the time, the glitches/problems lie in the following areas when using Quickbooks enterprise software. 

Quickbooks Enterprise Setup and Installation 

Sometimes, it’s not straightforward to install the QuickBooks Enterprise on a computer system/server. You might face problems like slow/stuck installation, or not able to complete the setup. These problems may be because of compatibility issues, firewall and antivirus interference, incomplete/corrupted download, user account control issues, insufficient permissions, previous installation issues, and disk/space limitations. Hence, there may be a need to analyse the problem and see where things need to be fixed.

Setting up a chart of accounts

As we understand every business is different and there is a need to use different chart of accounts. Sometimes, transactions and balances are so complex that users get confused about how to deal with specific account balances. Especially, when there are complex financial transactions and it’s challenging to find chart of accounts within the software. In this case, Quickbooks enterprise support can be more than a blessing to efficiently run and manage the accounting processes. 

Data backup and privacy

File security and backup have been a great challenge for businesses. Even in times of advanced technical innovations and modernisation, businesses are exposed to data file corruption, internet viruses, and external intrusions. Hence, there is a massive need to protect data against such attacks and ensure safety precautions are taken on a timely basis. Otherwise, the businesses might lose financial data like recent trial balance, financial ledgers, business, customers, and employee information. The loss of such crucial information might lead to serious financial repercussions and even going concern problem. Hence, there is a need to seek professional backup assistance that backs up data and processes with a professional attitude and intact sense of responsibility. 

Another important aspect to note is that enterprise support even helps in recovering lost/missing data and repairing corrupt files. 

As of now, we’ve discussed errors in general. Let’s go for specific Quickbooks enterprise error codes classified into three different categories. 

Critical errors in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Common errors faced by users in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Data-related errors in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

Error 1935 – indicates that the operating system needs to be scanned for damaged files, antivirus corruption, and overall framework.

Quickbooks unrecoverable error– indicates broken/damaged files in the program’s code.  

Quickbooks Error Code 404 – indicates QB software was not installed properly.

Error code H505 – indicates a problem with the hosting configuration (DNS settings). 

Quickbooks not working error – indicates ‘’.ini file’’ was damaged. 

Quickbooks Error H202– indicates that hosting setting may not be appropriate.

Error code 80029C4A – indicates that downloaded software files may be corrupted. 

QuickBooks not working error – indicates hard drive of your system may be corrupt.

Quickbooks Update Error 15271 – indicates that operating files of the Quickbooks software may be damaged.

Error code 15215 – indicates a problem with Windows files.

Quickbooks Error 614482 indicates a problem with the company file.

Quickbooks Error -6129, 0 – indicates that verification of the database connection failed. 

Error code 1603 – indicates that some visual supporting files are missing. 

Quickbooks Error 12157 indicates your PC might sluggish. 

Quickbooks Error 6144 82 – indicates that there may be some virus in your computer or some damage in company file.

Error code 6189 – indicates ‘’.tlg’’ file is missing. 

Quickbooks database error C=343 – indicates the file you are looking for may be missing.

Quickbooks Enterprise Error 6147 – indicates that path of the file to access may not be valid.

Error 3371 – indicates licensed files failed to load.

Quickbooks error 6177 – indicates corruption in file path of company file.

Quickbooks Error Code -6000,-82 – indicates company file is located in an unsupported NTFS version. 

Error 80070057 – indicates some problems with the firewall & antivirus configuration.

Quickbooks Database Error C=272 indicates some problem with verify and rebuild tool.

QuickBooks crash error- indicates accounting application of Quickbooks was not installed properly. 

Note: Please note list is not exhaustive, there can be multiple reasons for any specific error. 
      We’ve included the most obvious one in the above table. 

In addition to these errors there can be multiple other bugs/glitches leading to impairment in operational performance of the software. Hence, you might need help of professional support that understands, analyses, and fixes the problem. 

The Quickbooks enterprise support can help with file troubleshooting to multiple users’ access on the same company file. It can even help in matters related to backup, data recovery, data corruption, file restoration, and any other problem that you face while using the software. 

Here, the next question arises, 

QuickBooks Enterprise support


Why opt for Quickbooks Enterprise Support?

Although you may have to face certain challenges in installing and using the Quickbooks enterprise software yet there are greater advantages of using this software that include but are not limited to the following. 

Higher integration and advanced reporting – QB enterprise is capable to integrate with more than 180 apps. The popular apps with capability to integrate include but not limited to Shopify, PayPal, and Square, etc. 

Higher productivity and 6x capacity – The working capacity of Quickbooks enterprise is exceptionally higher. It comes with a sophisticated inventory management module including bin location tracking and enhanced productivity tools including finance management and advanced analytics. 

Advanced inventory management – The software enables the business to track and manage the business efficiently. Any inventory item can be tracked from packaging to dispatch of the goods.

Sound functionality and user management- Up to 30 users can use Quickbooks Enterprise at a time. It means a business of a handsome size can manage its books with this software. Further, automatic pricing, manufacturer markdowns, and deep financial insights are essential features of this software.     

So, does implementing Quickbooks Enterprise lead to enhanced productivity and efficiency?

Definitely, advanced features and capabilities of the software help with enhanced performance in following areas.

  1. Financial management – The software helps with analyzing & controlling the income/expenses/loan/liabilities, and helps in making informed decisions.
  2. Reporting & analytics– Highly customized and advanced reports can be generated in real-time which again helps in business management.
  3. Third-party integration– Data can be synced from other apps making it easier for the business to run and manage the operations efficiently. It’s a type of automation that helps to enhance the efficiency of the accounting system. 


Quickbooks enterprise software comes with advanced abilities and capabilities to run and manage accounting operations. However, users often experience some operational difficulties appearing on their screens. 

There is a need to read/understand the errors, analyze the current position of the operating system/internet, and apply the solution. Sometimes, errors are due to problems with temporary files, low disk space, firewall issues, antivirus interruption and so on. Some of these basic errors can be resolved by users. However, there is a need to seek Quickbooks enterprise support if an error is due to complex problem. In the article, we’ve discussed details of the errors that you might be facing.

So, if you are facing some error and need to seek support, in this case, please make sure to describe the error/problem in detail. So, your problem can be resolved on a timely basis. 

The next question arises why opt for Quickbooks enterprise software? It’s because of the advanced capabilities and features required to support a business of a handsome size. For instance, specific inventory item’s bin location can be traced on software making it easier for the warehouse staff to manage the inventory effectively. In addition, deep analytics and advanced reporting features of the software are remarkable that help with effective business management.

QuickBooks Enterprise Support


Frequently asked questions

Can QuickBooks Enterprise Support help with resolving issues related to multi-user access?

Yes, Quickbooks enterprise support can help with resolving issues related to multi-user access. However, there is a need to make sure detailed information is provided. So, your problem can be analyzed and resolved on a timely basis. 

Does clearing cache work in resolving Quickbooks enterprise errors?

Yes, clearing the cache sometimes can be effective to resolve the error. It’s like there may be some corrupted temporary files creating problems in Quickbooks functionality. Hence, clearing these temporary files/cache can be effective in resolving the error. 

Can QuickBooks Enterprise Support assist with customizing reports or forms?

Quickbooks enterprise support can provide comprehensive advice/guides on how to change/modify the reports/templates/forms. Even advanced modifications can be made by changing fields/fonts/colors and the overall presentation of the report.

Hence, all of the reports can be modified in line with your preference. 

Can we resolve all Quickbooks enterprise errors ourselves or there is a need to obtain support?

You can try to resolve the Quickbooks enterprise errors appearing on the screen. Some basic errors due to temporary file corruption, disk space, antivirus interruption, and internet problems can be resolved easily. However, for complex errors, there is a need to contact Quickbooks enterprise support by dialling the 24/7 QuickBooks Support phone number  1888-327-4474.

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